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Most countries in the world have adopted the capitalist system for their economies. They take economic growth as the yardstick to measure how successful they are.

But how can one be successful when the activities to reach that economic growth are negatively affecting (the health of) people and also Nature?

Maximizing profits has its limits and it is about time to put a limit on it.

Economists are often well respected or even idolized, even though their theories mean damage to people and to Nature.

Universities still teach programmes that are detrimental to people and to Nature.

Anyone still in touch with Nature can feel that this kind of economic system cannot be maintained without jeopardizing our planet and making living on it increasingly hard.

The respect for people and for Nature should be the priority number one and not - as is generally the case today - money or finances.

It is time for economists to read and to adopt the Global Peace Charter.