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Life is hard for many people around the world. Not only for those in poor countries - where even basic needs like food, housing, education and medical care cannot be met, but also in the more developed countries.

In the richer countries, life is expensive for ever more people as prices for many goods rise and rise. Often as the result of companies wanting ever higher profits. Or even medical doctors wanting to charge more and more.


So many people are misled into believing that they have to be able to always buy new things and many people believe that they are only someone really when they can show off new and expensive cars, jewels and the like.

The excessive materialism has made many people blind to the real values in life, like friendship, solidarity and love.

It has led to too much pressure on Nature as well and to growing imbalances in our society.

Even before they are well aware of it, young children are trained to become model consumers: ever wanting new products and competing with your peers and neighbours to ever earn more and to show you can afford more.

Thinking you are more important because of what you have materially does not really make you more important as a person, but - sadly enough - even education makes it look that way.

Importance of values

Education should teach the importance of human values or humanity as a guideline for life. It should not stimulate excessive materialism at all.

Having respect for human values and knowing what they mean helps to make people aware of what life is and helps to build a society with less exclusions, psychological disorders and violence.

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