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The media have an enormous impact on people. Quite often they are guided and influenced not so much by the humanity value of their programmes or other products but by the amount of cash they can generate.

The media’s income largely depends on advertising and so they try to get as many viewers or readers as possible. This does generally not result in programmes or other products with a high humanity value, but with a high entertainment value - which generates more income.

Superficial values

As the media can influence people’s thinking so much, many people take the world presented by the media as the real world. That world is so often full of superficial values, on-and-off relationships, violence, excessive admiration for luxury...

The media should play an educational role and include programmes and other products that focus on human values. They would thus help people to have stable values to hang on to and consequently make society less hungry for materialism and superficialities - and thus also make it less violent.