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Too many activities are damaging to Nature. Deliberate pollution of the air, soil and water is too often accepted as necessary to maintain economic growth.

This is a misconception and unacceptable by any civilization that considers itself to be advanced.

Again, money is the reason behind the pollution and behind the continuation of polluting production processes.

Why continue to burn fossil fuels when we all know they are damaging Nature and people?

Why continue to invest in nuclear energy, when it poses enormous risks to health?


This world urgently needs a different type of economics and economy. All activities damaging to Nature and to people need to be phased out soonest.

Education should gradually replace any programme involving damage to Nature (direct and indirect) with programmes underscoring the partnership Nature-Man.

Clean and safe energy sources should be wildely developed, even if they cost more (but when taking into account the damage caused by traditional polluting fuels they will not cost more).

Please see Naturonomy for more details and ideas.

Oceans for all

The oceans and poles of our planet should be the property of all Mankind and not of anyone or any country in particular. They are too precious to be damaged and thus make life on this planet increasingly difficult or impossible.

Please see Oceans for all for more details.