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In so many countries, it is becoming increasingly difficult to set up a (stable) government. So many different parties compete and want to impose their political programmes based on ideologies that often cause friction or even worse.

Many politicians do not seem to be able to make a distinction between the party political issues and the overall needs of any country.

The understanding between political parties could greatly be fostered if they found a common basis on which to build a stable society with as few exclusions as possible and with the greatest respect for people and for Nature.

Pax Humanitas

To help parties in any country and of any ideology to find that common basis, Pax Humanitas proposes the set-up of a discussion forum to boost human values in all aspects of life - both locally and internationally.


A new socio-economic and political system needs to be created, named summonism aiming at maximally applying human values in politics and other fields.