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Throughout history, religions have led to conflict and even atrocities.

Religions are different mainly because they have been influenced by factors that do not really relate to faith, supposedly the basis of religion, but to politics, economics, social relations...

Do religions define faith as Pax Mundi does?


Faith is the belief in goodness and the willingness to bring it out.

Religions should help people to bring out that goodness. That can be achieved by helping to strengthen human values, like the ones defined by Danellandia - Pax Mundi after a debate about peace, values, happiness, politics, religion, economics, God... on the internet with people from many countries.

People wherever want to be respected and appreciated.

They want to live a peaceful life together with their families and friends.

Many factors that make religions different, often make it difficult for people to see how to bring out the innate goodness in them.

Pax Fides

We invite all religions to visit Pax Fides to try and find common ground to boost peace among religions and to become promoters of universal human values, as well as fervent defenders of Nature.