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You can help

Anyone, wherever, can help to clean this world.

Anyone can take part in the awareness campaign that Danellandia - Pax Mundi launched a few years ago.

Please visit our site regularly, forward the material you find on it, share it with friends, talk about it...

In short, try to take human values as your daily guideline too and let these values provide you with a (more) stable basis to build your life on in this excessively materialistic, hectic and superficial world.

Petition and letter

If you like this initiative, please sign the petition and send the letter on this site to the Secretary General of the United Nations.

The promotion of human values should be a global project crossing all borders of countries, races, ideologies and religions.

You could maybe (help to) organize a debate, conference, school lesson... about peace and human values. You can use our material, like the sweet diamonds and posters as the focus of your peace promotion act.

You could ask your local media to publish some or our poems and posters on a regular basis.


When you have to vote in elections, try to see the humanity content of the election programmes of the different parties. Look for their respect for human values. Or write to politicians about the Global Peace Charter.

If you are not yet receiving our messages and would like to be on our mailing list, please go to this contact form.

United by our belief in humanity or human values, we can do it!

We can clean this world and make it better for all.

Many thanks for any help you are willing to provide.

Warm regards,

Danellandia - Pax Mundi