This world needs us

CURAMUNDI means to care for the world (cura for care and mundi for world).

CURAMUNDI is Danellandia's programme for social welfare and Nature care.

Danellandia is an international community of friends that promote peace worldwide and in all aspects of our society. Danellandia expects people that support its peace campaign based on human values, to want to contribute more to making this world more just and this planet more healthy.

This they can do by supporting CURAMUNDI.

We want the values of Danellandia to be a beacon in the life of everyone. Everyone would become a Danellandian. The values would become the guideline for all human activity.

Wars and conflicts should be a thing of the past.

If we all spent less on luxury or bought less expensive brands; if we all wanted to shine as diamonds through our personality or by respecting the values, we could spend more on combating poverty and on Nature care.

If there were no wars or conflicts, gigantic amounts of money would be liberated for constructive projects, like green energy.

CURAMUNDI is developing projects like Student Plan (support to educational institutions in developing countries) and educational programmes based on human values for better government.

CURAMUNDI will also support green energy projects.

CURAMUNDI will also promote fair trade. It is unacceptable that some producers hardly get anything for their products or even live in poverty. Riches based on the poverty of others is against humanity and disgraceful.

CURAMUNDI cares about the world and about you. Please care about the world too and support CURAMUNDI.

On this site you will find letters from around the world. The characters are fictitious or the names have been changed. The facts are based on real experiences.