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Business as it is done today is still primarily aimed at generating money, even if it is often damaging to Nature and to people.

Financial crises have not changed the mentality really and business largely continues as it was usual before.

There is a large consensus about the untenable character of present-day economics, but still too little is done about changing them drastically. The power of financial groups is still determining policies.

Nature needs to be protected more intensively and extensively. Consumers need to be protected too and given the ability to live as decent human beings. They are now often seen as a mere piece in the economic treadmill.

Fair Deal Charter

Business that is damaging to Nature and/or to people should be phased out soon. A Fair Deal Charter based on human values and to be respected by all companies world-wide would offer a means to select companies on the basis of their human value content. A value that is more important than the financial value.

It can be hoped that in the future all companies will feel morally and cosmically obliged to comply with the Danellandia Fair Deal Charter.

And that only companies respecting the charter will really be able to do business anymore.

Business that respects Man and Nature! In the interest of all and of planet Earth!

Danellandia Care Label - DCL

Companies wanting to include the Danellandia Fair Deal Charter in their statutes or marketing strategy and are wanting to do all that they can to comply, can incorporate them.

We are considering to launch the Danellandia Care Label or DCL to be granted to companies doing their utmost to comply with the Danellandia Fair Deal Charter.

We hope one day, all companies will want to have this "ethical quality label".

Consumers and suppliers will feel much better and secure and in the end (honest) companies too.