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Global Peace Charter

we respect all countries, all human beings and Nature as partners in a global peace project that aims at:

peace for Mankind

peace for Nature

peace among religions.

we recognize this world is still plagued by many problems that need to be tackled on a global scale so as to build a better and more just world:

Nature degradation

burning of fossil fuels


social injustice and exclusion

distribution of raw materials

war and terrorism

criminality (related to drugs and financial greed)

low social appreciation of human values

commercial exploitation

conflicts related to religious differences.

we are aware that the present economic and political systems cannot be upheld without seriously and irreparably damaging Nature and Mankind and, as a consequence, without threatening the survival of Earth itself:

many production processes are damaging to Nature and to people

many economic and political systems show a lack of sufficient solidarity, not only between people within a country but also between countries and groups of countries themselves

present economic and political power has partly been based upon an unfair distribution of means in the past and at present (finances and raw materials)

present economic and political power has partly been based on the promotion and implementation of the wrong values, largely giving priority to financial considerations