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Global Peace Charter - part 2

many products that are damaging to Nature and people are still used because they provide (high) income and because short-term gains seem more important than long-term damage

money and the lack of it largely dominate political and economic decision-making and the resolution of problems

different tax systems and tax havens are an incentive to those owning unfairly obtained money.

we want all countries, political and economic systems as well as companies and human beings themselves to apply the following principles or human values:

justice: we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves

respect: we will not damage someone's dignity or privacy for the sake of money

fairness: we keep a fair balance between the interests of the different parties involved

honesty: we do not allow the selling of products that have deliberately hidden defects or that can be damaging to people (if they may involve a risk of damage people should be duly informed)

liberty: the customer or supplier cannot be forced to buy, sell or use any product against his will

consideration: customers and suppliers need to be served well and cannot be considered as mere money-generating agents

humanity: we put people first and not money

truthfulness: it is not allowed to attribute certain advantages or characteristics to products when they cannot be verified

trustworthiness: the clauses of the warranty or the promises made in advertisements or other marketing publicity need to be complied with

fair trade: workers, suppliers or people involved in the production of products may not be exploited