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Global Peace Charter - part 4

development aid: today, the rich countries do not even spend 0.7% of their income on helping other poor countries. Low economic development and poverty are one of the main reasons for the current migration problems and disasters, as well as of others problems.

tax havens: no single tax haven should remain. They offer an escape to locate "dirty" money. In a fair world, there is no space for "dirty" money and thus not for tax havens.

promotion of human values in politics, in education and in the media: common human values should be promoted in all sectors of society. The Global Peace Fund could finance promotion programmes to be used world-wide. This would allow different political ideologies to reach a better understanding.

reconciliation between religions: differences between religions often lead to tension in many parts of the world. Religions should jointly promote universal human values rather than rites and rules that differ too much and that make mutual understanding difficult or impossible.

we will contribute to the Global Peace Fund (also called the Global Humanity Fund):

this fund will be used to finance the joint development of green energy sources and green technologies and/or production processes that will be made available to all countries

it will be used to finance global public awareness programmes about human values, including peace as the respect of human values

it will be used to develop agricultural food programmes to allow countries to economically produce food that is healthy and that takes into account local conditions and habits as well as Nature (producing foods in a way that is in harmony with Nature)

it will be used to finance Nature care projects aimed at restoring damage done to Nature in the past

new global projects will be developed to improve the general condition of Nature and Mankind

we will pay 1% of company profits and part of the income of our country into the fund.