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Open letter to the Establishment

All human activities damaging people
or Nature should be overhauled

Dear Establishment,

We hope you are gradually becoming aware of the fact that you will have to change the way you live and act - whether you agree or not.

You probably were born into it and so you think the methods and strategies applied by the Establishment are fine.

An increasing number of people around the world are becoming fed up with the way their lives are affected by the kind of politics and economics you support and help to impose in many ways - lobbying and party financing and worse.

They are becoming fed up with the growing contrast between rich and poor. They are worried about so many conflicts in so many countries around the world, about safety and insecurity. They are frustrated at so little being done to really tackle injustice, abuse and violence.

Fortunately, most people want peaceful change. Yet, a minority turns to radical actions. You can help to prevent them if you change (it is in your own interest).

Life satisfaction

Many people will tell you their life and job satisfaction and happiness suffer because of you and the way you live and act. They often feel exploited and abused.

We have been analysing our world, society, politics, economics and many other human activities for quite some years now and the central element affecting almost everything negatively is the lack of peace and humanity (defined later on in this article).

Anti-Establishment movement

The anti-Establishment movement is getting stronger in many countries. Many voters vote for candidates that seem to be bringing change, but that finally often do not, because behind the scenes you are impacting - or manipulating through lobbying and thinktanks and the like - the way things go.

You have the power and the finances to make sure that the decisions taken by the governments do not interfere (too much) with your ideas about running the world.