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Open letter to the Establishment - 2

Impossible to continue

When life for many people becomes hardly liveable, when many people have no job or have to work harder and harder to make ends meet - leaving little time to spend with their family and friends, when many people are worried about their future and about the world... it is more than evident that the way politics and economics are run, dominated and manipulated cannot be continued.

If you decide the old ways can be maintained, you are out of touch with reality and not seeing the dangers around the corner.


What is needed is the promotion of peace or - as we define it - the respect for human values in society, politics, economics and other human activities. On a national and international level.

All human activities that breach peace or human values should be overhauled and adapted. All human activity damaging people or Nature should be phased out.

We drew up a GLOBAL PEACE CHARTER based on the promotion of 25 human values we selected (after extensive dialogue with many people around the world) and that urgently need to be strengthened, also by you or the so-called Establishment.

Anyone needs to contribute to tackle the problems affecting us all (and most increasingly so):