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The Copenhagen Climate Conference 2009 was disappointing in many respects. Yet, it did show a growing willingness of countries world-wide to work together.

It also made clear that problems like Nature degradation need to be tackled on a global scale. They affect everybody wherever on this planet.

Less visible but not less important at the conference was the awareness that present-day political ideas and economic policies will not be able to really deal with climate change nor with many other world-scale problems either.

Too many differences stand in the way of a thorough solution.

Climate change is only part of the problem needed to be solved. The whole economic philosophy needs to be overhauled. Much more weight should be given to humanity or human values (including the respect for Nature and for people) than to financial considerations.

At the conference, most of the attention seemed to go towards dealing with repairing the damage and not with preventing the damage from appearing.     

Much more effort and investment need to go into developing non-damaging or non-polluting production processes and into the substitution of polluting energy sources, like fossil fuels, by clean and renewable fuels.

This planet does need to undergo a serious clean-up or oxigenation.

In previous letters on this site we proposed projects like USE to develop green energy at a large scale and to the benefit of all countries.

We also talked about the promotion of human values in all aspects of life and society, like in politics and in economics (PAX HUMANITAS) and in religions (PAX FIDES) and in education and in the media.

We promote peace as the respect of human values. Universal and crossing all frontiers of country, race, ideology, status, religion...

Life is definitely more than gathering material riches. Money only provides temporary happiness. Human values allow people to feel they are part of this society. Feeling part of it makes people more willing to contribute to the well-being of that society.