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Global Peace Plan

For the new, intelligent world guided by human values
and taking care of everyone and of Nature

Saving this planet and its people will require a new kind of politics and a new kind of economy. Solidarity and the respect for Nature should be the basis of a solid sustainable green future for all of us.

Peace in all its aspects and for all of Mankind and for Nature should be the objective of all and of all countries.

The Global Peace Charter wants to be a basis for the discussion of this new kind of politics and economy.

Countries can discuss the charter, expand it and refine it.

They can also consider the various projects proposed by Danellandia - Pax Mundi. “Clean this world” offers a short overview of the main projects (www.cleanthisworld.org).

We at Danellandia have been thinking extensively about Nature and human values for many years. We invite everyone to have a look at our site and to let himself be inspired.

We want the future to look bright and to be healthy.

Anyone can help and all will benefit. Please sign our petition and send the model letter to the United Nations. Please ask your friends to do the same.

Letter to leaders

In this letter to leaders to leaders world-wide the Global Peace Plan is presented to them and their co-operation is asked for.