The core message of Danellandia is about life itself. It is called the paternal message. It will be launched depending on the world's response to the other messages and the target letters spread by Danellandia and also depending on the response to the various projects. The whole campaign carried out by Danellandia aims at more peace and more respect for human values.

Danellandia's message of peace  or maternal message, “Peace - Mother of my heart”, was revealed on 7 July 2007. Please see Pax Fides for more details.

At Christmas 2007, Danellandia revealed its message of hope about the code of life. The code of life is essential to every human being. Accessing the code fully can make life more complete.

The message of hope was followed by "sweet diamonds", short easy-to-use notes to help people to discover the secrets of the code.


The message of hope revealed at Christmas 2007 is special. Please send it on to your friends and to all that you know.

We hope it will inspire people to think about themselves, their fellow human beings and Nature. Too much pain and damage is inflicted on people and on Nature. May this message of hope and the "sweet diamonds" change the insanity in this world. May it increase humanity or make the world more human.

Mankind should construct a better world instead of destructing the beauty of our Earth. The destruction is pure madness.

May Christmas 2007 be the beginning of a new start. May human values be reinforced in our society. On an individual level, but also in politics, economics and even religion.