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Human values explained


Respect starts with respecting yourself. Respect for other people means respecting and accepting their differences. Respect is recognizing the uniqueness of every human being. We would not like everyone to be the same. Respect is not invading other people’s privacy.


Living your own individuality while respecting other human beings and Nature. Without respect there would not be freedom as others would invade yours. Basic rules are needed like human values. As your anchor or as a beacon of society.


A family respecting human values is the best building block for a strong and caring society.


Do not do unto others what you would not like them to do unto you.


Doing well to people and not sacrificing them or their well-being for the sake of money.


Not keeping everything to oneself and enjoying making other people happy.


To stimulate conflicting parties to use all forms of dialogue and not to use force or violence.


Violence leads to violence. Peace is the only way to cure it.


Peace with oneself, with other human beings and with Nature. It is needed to develop yourself in a healthy way, both physically and mentally.