Love is vital energy

Vital or essential for life

Thank you very much for visiting this page.

It shows that you are interested in love. Love is often misunderstood. Love is often interpreted as the love between a man and a woman. It is much more.

Read the poem "love - a multi-coloured rainbow" or watch the film and you will see love much broader.

Love is often mistaken for sex. The porn industry and a lot of media mistreat love. They mistreat the most noble of all feelings.

In Danellandia, love starts with a smile and ends with the love for Nature, the Mother of it all.

Visiting Danellandia regularly will show you how to develop and share love.

Love cannot be a serious subject? To us it is penetratingly serious. It is the most important part of our entire being.

Love is the partner of peace. Danellandia is all about peace. Peace is the best environment for love.

Stimulating peace is stimulating love.

Please copy the poem Rainbow and others on our site and send them on to anybody you know. Or copy them and print them to give to someone you love.

Let us warm up this Earth with the right energy: LOVE.