Welcome to Mahaivi

Mahaivi means to live and be alive.

Mahaivi means long live Love.

Mahaivi means long live Life.

Mahaivi means peace and love be to all.

Symbol of Life

A new symbol of Life was designed. Universal and clear.

It should be a symbol for all regardless of country, race, culture, ideology, religion or non-religion.

It should stimulate peace and understanding world-wide. It was officially launched on 1 January 2009.

Mahaivi! Long live Love! Long live Life!

Life is building humanity in harmony with Nature and guided by Peace on the way to eternal Love.

Mahaivi needs your help

Show that you care about Peace and about Life. Please use the symbol abundantly (download here).

Use the word Mahaivi as a new greeting, showing that you want peace and love for your friends, your family and yourself and for the entire world.