Pax Mundi Danellandia



Present economic systems are too damaging to Nature. Nature is suffering too much and is losing its capacity to restore itself. The health of Nature directly and indirectly affects the health of Mankind and of all other living creatures.

Present economic systems are primarily aimed at generating economic growth and new economic wealth in the form of money.

The excessive focus on money and finance has relegated (the health of) Nature to the background.

Efforts carried out to reduce pollution, like the one resulting from carbon dioxide emissions, are not enough to prevent Mankind from reaching the point of no return soon.

The economic systems should be changed drastically and Nature (and with it the health of Mankind and even its survival) should be the priority number one.

The new system we propose is called summonism. It aims at the summum bonum or supreme good, which you attain by maximally respecting human values.


The respect for Nature is one of the human values promoted by Danellandia. Peace is considered to be the respect for human values and the respect of Nature is an essential part of them.

Mankind in general is acting as a predator on Nature. It should be a partner of Nature. All people will benefit from it. Nature is a living entity and Mankind is part of it.

All economic activities damaging Nature should be phased out as soon as possible.


Danellandia has proposed several projects in the past to make the economy cleaner and Nature-friendly. New ones will follow in the future.

Education "think Nature"
People should be made aware of their relationship with their partner called Nature. It should start with educational programmes aimed at teaching children - already at a young age - the importance of "thinking Nature". Everyone should respect Nature.