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Earth report to the people of Ombra (2)

Even in the so-called more developed countries, the differences between the various groups of population are often huge. A virtually endless and complicated system of laws and rules imposed by a wide range of political parties – more or less linked to the various groups of population – allows some groups to get “preferential treatment” as compared to the rest of the population.

Some Earthians can earn up to a hundred times more than others for reasons we, Ombrans, cannot understand. Some Earthians can even hide their – often ill-gotten – riches in so-called fiscal paradises and escape from paying taxes in their home countries, though they use the infrastructure and services there.

Such huge differences contribute to tensions, conflicts and wars. They also contribute to crime, which is rather high and often incredibly brutal.

The education system on Earth seems to focus more on material values than on human values. Young people are trained to fit in with the economic and financial system suffocating Earth and its inhabitants. Too little attention is paid on teaching children how to build a society where people work together and treat each other and Nature with respect and honesty instead of competing with each other in ways that lead to such huge differences, conflicts and destruction.

Earth is a beautiful place and most of its inhabitants are peace-loving. Many Earthians do care about each other and about Nature. Many of them would like things to be different. But the system running Earth – with its many different countries and diverging interests – largely overshadows or destroys the positive elements found there.

It all clearly shows civilization on planet Earth has not reached the same level as ours. If Earthians go on competing and fighting each other the way they do now, if they do not treat Nature with due respect and do not treat all inhabitants of Earth with respect and care, they will probably never reach the level of civilization we have.

We do hope Earth will start to really learn from the many – often extremely horrible – lessons from the past and change for the better to create a society based on co-operation and not on domination (for reasons that make life for many innocent people on Earth unacceptably cruel and even lethal).

Therefore, we did not directly communicate with any Earthians as we consider them to lack the right qualities to establish any partnership with them. Also, their communication systems are not really that advanced as their focus is quite different and mostly competitive.

Many thanks.

Ombra Earth Mission Team

(report is Sci-Fi)