Pax Humanitas

Peace for Humanity

Welcome to PAX HUMANITAS or peace for humanity.

It aims at creating a new well-balanced socio-economic and political system. And at peace between existing systems.

Many theories and systems exist today. None is ideal. Various systems are competing with each other, often leading to misunderstandings, conflicts and even war.

Politics and economics or business often have differing opinions to say the least.

We want to create a new system. The guidelines will be the values contained in the principles and letters of Danellandia.

We want it to be balanced between finance and humanity. A financialization of our systems signifies going back on the scale of civilization. Dehumanizing it makes us lose so much. A world without caring human beings or without feelings is very poor, though it can be extremely rich in money.

PAX HUMANITAS runs parallel with PAX FIDES, Latin for peace on faith and trust (in yourself, in other human beings and in God - if you wish).

In both, human values are at the centre. In FIDES they are approached more from the viewpoint of religions, in HUMANITAS more from the viewpoint of politics, economics and business.

Pedro and peace partners