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Introduction letter

Dear Sir,
Dear Madam,

Dear Friend,

We are launching a campaign to bring peace and happiness to the entire world. Please read on and you will understand.

Part of this initiative is a campaign for sanity and peace. Sanity is needed. Mankind is losing a kind of intelligence that few people still have. We seem to belong to them. Though modesty is one of our principles (knowing that there is always someone who knows more or can do things better).

Billions of dollars or euros are spent on trying to keep an eye on everything, everyone and everywhere. Terror has driven up the amount manifold. Gathering and processing information is a big industry. Having the information does unfortunately not mean that you have all the intelligence. Intelligence is more than just visible facts and figures.

Just imagine that hatred disappeared and that trust came in. Enormous resources would become available for education for instance. It could make people see that being trustworthy and trusting others is beneficial to both.

With our messages that we send to friends all over the world we want to make a start with this type of education. Our friends will be sending them on to other friends... We also send them to a growing selection of media. Some have responded positively.

After a near-dead experience, over the last few years we have carried out extensive research on various subjects like religion and happiness and hatred. People from different countries and different cultures and religions became friends that were often very open to us. They trusted us whether black or yellow or white, whether Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Protestant, Catholic... whatever. One Muslim scholar said we reminded him of Karen Armstrong.

This multitude of friends shows our openness and open-mindedness, other principles of ours. Tolerance is another.

The messages and letters that we write about many subjects are aimed at making people think about what really matters in life.