Pax Mundi Danellandia

Letter to United Nations

copy it and send it to

Mr António Guterres, Secretary General of United Nations

UN Headquarters
1st Ave, New York, New York 10017, USA

Dear Mr Guterres,

I would like to inform you that I support the PEACE initiative of Danellandia for a world of sanity, peace and happiness.

I ask the UN to help Danellandia to further develop this PEACE INITIATIVE.

Peace is essential for our survival and the survival of Nature. Too many resources are wasted now on destructive activities like war and violence. Hatred is one of reasons for this destruction. Danellandia aims to reduce the factors leading to it.

Please help Danellandia with the promotion of its platform for peace and with the implementation of its projects. It will be beneficial to all.

Imagine a world without war. So many constructive actions could be undertaken, like the development of poor countries, the development of green energy at a grand scale, the education of our children to make them abhor hatred,...

The sooner the projects are running, the sooner Danellandia will spread its message about the essence of life. You can read more on

A better and more just world is what I want too. For the people I care for and for myself. I thank you.

Kind regards,