Life travel
Life is like travelling La vida es como viajar A vida é como viajar La vie est comme un voyage

Life is like travelling

Some paths we choose ourselves.

Others are shown to us.

Still others are the result of coincidences.

Some destinations we like a lot.
Others we would have liked to avoid.

When choosing destinations,
a lot of different factors come into play.

But one of the most important ones
are the people that we travel with.

Most travelling companions have good intentions
and want to make our travelling easier.

Others join us just for the purpose
of taking advantage of us.

We meet quite a lot of people, indeed.

Some want to travel with us for just a while.

Others want to travel with us all the way.

The right travelling companions make
the travelling easier.

They try to help us with deeds and advice.

On our way, we often meet with obstacles.

Some can leave a deep impact on us.

But the pleasant experiences
can help to repair the damage.

Or the good advice from our companions.

On our way, we sometimes face storms.

But the sunny, positive moments
can help us to weather those storms.

Travelling is demanding and a big challenge.
We cannot escape from it.

We can only try to make it more pleasant.

Many thanks to all our travelling companions
that have made and will make life easier.